Lesson 10: All the things you are – ‘Playing the 3rds’ [JS10]

In this lesson we examine ‘All The Things You Are’, a commonly called show tune Jazz Standard taken from a late 1930’s Musical (A Very Warm May), music composed by Jerome Kern. Please check out this Wikipedia Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_the_Things_You_Are  This page analyses the harmony and form. Also, please feel free to download copies of the ‘Harmonic Lead Sheet’ attached to this page. ODD METER Most popularly played in a 4/4 standard meter, I have reinterpreted it into a medium swing 3/4 or ‘jazz waltz feel’. I find that working on common odd … [Read more...]

Lesson 27: Guide Tones [CL27]

Guide tones are a jazz accompanist’s best friend – they give just enough of an idea of how a chord (or progression) sounds to the soloist / melodic instrument by outlining the basic 7th chord structure in this manner: See below for basic guide tone voicings in two positions (roots 5 and 6) While these are not the only possible voicings (try and work out a few more) you will find that the vast majority of standards contain chords that in basic form (non extensions) are shown here Tips: Look at how guide tones can be added into your repertoire of … [Read more...]