“Finally – a Simple, Video-Based Jazz Guitar Course Online that Teaches You Step-By-Step How to play like a Jazz Guitar Master….100% Guaranteed!”

Jazz teacher with over 20 years experience tells all…

From: Dixon Nacey

Dear Friend,

If you are like me, you only really learn something after you have been over the material many times.

Simply looking in a book or trying to recall a lesson from memory is not enough to get the results you need to be a better Jazz Guitar player.

To make matters worse, learning Jazz Guitar requires a huge amount of repetition and relearning of information. This is hard to achieve with one on one lessons, as you are confined to a limited time window.

But what if you could learn at your own pace? In your own time? For as little or as much as you require?

Without an answer to this question many people are left with the uneasy alternative of searching the internet for “free” lessons hoping they will piece together the jigsaw puzzle

This can be frustrating and leave you longing for a simple answer to this learning dilemma.

Dixon is the best tutor I’ve ever had in 8 years of guitar tuition!

He not only knows what to teach but can show you how and where to use it. After two years of lessons with Dixon my playing improved and he gave me a great sense of how far I can take guitar. From many different styles, to practice techniques, timing, rhythmic ideas and many rich harmonic systems.

Thomas Pearson, University Graduate Student 2010.

For many years I felt frustrated…

I knew there had to be a better way to teach people the secrets I have honed from over 20 years of playing Jazz Guitar.

Then one day after meeting with a friend something “clicked”. You know that feeling that you get when you feel like you are on to something!

What if I could teach people online and take my inside knowledge and convert it into an easy to follow online jazz guitar course!? Not only would they get continuous access to comprehensive video lessons (to learn over and over at their own pace), but you could also interact with other Jazz Guitar players with in the learning community.

Introducing jazzguitarlegend.com…

This step by step learning system will teach you how to play Jazz Guitar from the comfort of your own home, without forking out for expensive weekly lessons.

Thats right!, no paying out hundreds of dollars per hour, just good, honest jazz guitar course honed from over 20 years of teaching and playing Jazz Guitar no matter what skill level you are currently at!

Dixon will systematically breakdown each lesson (in plain english) so that you will understand exactly what steps you need to take to improve your Jazz Guitar playing.

No more searching the internet for bits and pieces of information hoping to put everything together. You will get everything you need in one place!

Get comprehensive training resources!

  • Core lesson system: 42 unique video lessons. Learn at your own pace
  • Monthly Jazz Standard Lesson: Learn chords, melody and improvisation
  • Tab and notation: Every lesson has complete notation for you to print out and play along with
  • Video Lessons: Get face to face with a Jazz Guitar Master!
  • Bonus Podcast Material: Get access to members only bonus podcast material
  • Audio Tracks: Jam along with Audio tracks to improve your playing

Dixon Nacey is a both a heavyweight player and an inspiring teacher, my studies with him have been an absolute joy and have provided me with a wealth of ideas and material which I continue to draw upon. First class!

Nick Marsh, University Postgraduate Student. 2010.

It is obvious that Dixon Nacey’s playing is world class, but it is his ability to translate complex ideas into easy to understand concepts and exercises that is truly impressive.

Andy Knopp, CPIT Jazz school.

So what makes Dixon Nacey the REAL DEAL?

You only have to take a few minutes to watch Dixon Nacey playing (on video) to realize that he is one of the top players in his class.

Many “so called” experts will try and sell you their courses based on a few good ideas and well tuned sales pitches. But one thing you can never fake is the actual playing! It doesn’t matter how fancy you make your website or how intelligent your website script is. If you can’t shine when it matters then the game is over!

Check out this completely unrehearsed demo video!

As you can see Dixon has “the stuff”. In fact he is one top players in the country (you wouldn’t catch him saying that though!). This is a bold but true statement and his track record with recording, performing and teaching backs it up.


Recent performances (too many to list here)

Samsom Nacey Haines @ The Auckland Seafood Festival Jan 2011
Festival of Lights – Tama Waipara Band Jan 2011
The 2010 Gypsy Jazz Festival – Noumea (Nov 2010)
The Auckland Jazz Festival – Olivier Holland group and Kevin Field groups (Nov 2010)
Opening of the Aotea centre – SNH trio Oct 2010
Qantas Film and TV Awards night 2010
Russell Harrison and Motive – Motown in the park (Auckland Summer Sounds Series 2010)
Pasifika 2010 – Tama Waipara band
Pat Metheny Tribute band (Auckland Domain Jazz Summer Series 2010)
The Shangri La Bangkok NYE bash 2010
‘Jazz on Top’ Concert in New Caledonia – October 2009
The King Kapisi National (NZ) tour and Planet Indigenous Festival in Toronto, Canada (2009)
The Talofa Benefit concert at Telstra Clear Stadium as the house band (supporting Chris
Melville, Annie Crummer & Tama Waipara amongst others) (2009)
The University of Auckland Jazz festivals with Whirimako Black, James Muller (in workshop) and the SNH trio feat. Neville Grenfell (2008, 2009)
SOUNDCLASH with King Kapisi VS The Mint Chicks (April 2009)
The BFM live to air Red Bull Sessions with The King Kapisi group (April 2009)
The CHCH international jazz and blues fest with the SNH trio and the Alan Brown trio (2009)
The Tauranga jazz festival – Main stage with the Dylan Elise super group / Alan Brown Trio (2009)
The AK09 festival with Sir Plus and the Requirements (2009)
The AK09 festival with the SNH trio (releasing our debut CD) (2009)
The Whangamata jazz festival with the Alan Brown Trio (2008)
Nelson Jazz Festival with Whirimako Black (2008)
The New Zealand International Jazz and Blues Festival with Nathan Haines (2008)
Tauranga Jazz Festival with The Alan Brown Trio (2008)
The Singing Bee Band (TV2 – 2008)
MAINZ Annual Jazz Guitar Clinics (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, see reference attached)
Appearances on “So What” the jazz show (ALT TV August – 2007)
Maori TV with the Tama Waipara Band (Christmas Special 2007)
Opening the Inaugural University of Auckland Jazz Festival with Kevin Haines (Nov 2007)
AK07 Festival with Tama Waipara, Nathan Haines, Annie Crummer (2007)
Waiheke Jazz Festival (8 appearances including the Joel Haines quartet, The Grand
Central Band, Rachel Anderson, Max Stowers)
Nathan Haines Summer Tour and Queenstown Jazz Festival (2007, 2008)
NZ Idol Band (TV2 2005)
Singapore NZ Ball (2006/07)
Pasifika Festival (2003, 2004 ,2005)
Tama Waipara at Pasifika (and several other festivals)
AK05 Festival and the AK05 Super Band (2005)
N.Z Embassy Ball, Bangkok (2003, 2004, 2006)
Rippon Festival (2002)
The Auckland Domain Sunday Summer Series ( AB trio, Blue Train 2002)
Lewis Eady’s Gibson Guitar Evening (2002)
X Air Games – King Kapisi (2002)
King Kapisi / Dimmer Tour (2002)
BFM party (2001)
Channel 2’s 25th Birthday Party (TV2 2000)
Australis Acoustic Guitar Clinic (1996)
Coca Cola Seminar, Bali (1996)

The Recording artist…

As a top session musician Dixon has performed with some of the top players in the country on countless albums. Here is a list of some recent works along with a free recording of Autumn leaves from his own Trio (Samsom Nacey Haines Trio):

Caitlin Smith (2011 TBR)
Samsom Nacey Haines – ‘Oxide’ (2011)
Oli Holland – Duets (2011)
Gerry Rooderkerk ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ (2010)
Guest feature with the Standard Funk ensemble on ‘Happen-stance’ (2010)
Anonymouz – ‘Anticipatin’ (2009)
Tama Waipara – ‘Sir plus and the requirements’ (2009)
The Samsom Nacey Haines Trio – ‘Open To Suggestions’ (2008)
Nathan Haines – ‘Right Now’ (2008)
Tim Hopkins – ‘Hear now after’ (2008)
The Alan Brown Trio – ‘About That time’ (2007)
Russell Harrison (single ‘Why you Wanna”– 2004)
The Grand Central Band – ‘Brightest Star’ (2004)
King Kapisi – ‘Second testament’ (2003)
The Grand Central Band – ‘Cook Street Sessions’ (2001)
Blue Train – ‘Fun in the world’ EP (2001)
Max Stowers – ‘Malaga’ (2001)

The Youtube Guru…

It takes a lot of talent to make it as an expert on Youtube! There are 1000′s of people in that space all trying to get your attention. In fact Dixon has managed to be one of the top teachers in his category.

Question: If you could hire Dixon to come into your home or studio and teach you right on your computer screen — would you?

Of course you would!

Well that’s exactly what you get with this unique subscription based website filled with tonnes of video tutorials… just sign up and start learning Jazz Guitar Online, turn up your speakers and watch, listen and learn as Dixon personally shows you the ropes with his step-by-step, insightful and experienced instructions. Suddenly you’ll find all the mystery and confusion surrounding playing Jazz Guitar will melt away.

In fact Dixon already trains the top players in the country who spend up to $5000 for a years tuition. The hourly rate for lessons on this level are up to $150 per hour.

But lets just say you were serious about mastering jazz guitar?

Would you spend $50 per week for an hour lesson?

What about $20 per week?

To be honest with you this may come as a shock! But we are allowing full access to over 80 lessons (and counting) for less than $5 per week.

This means big savings on your tuition fees every week.


Here is a list of our fundamentals range (easy lessons to follow for beginners.)

  • Lesson 1: Jazz Lines and Chord Comps
  • Lesson 2: Jazz Lines and Chord Comps
  • Lesson 3: Jazz Lines and Chord Comps
  • Lesson 4: Jazz Lines and Chord Comps
  • Lesson 5: Jazz Lines and Chord Comps
  • Lesson 6: Jazz Blues Lines
  • Lesson 7: Jazz Blues Lines
  • Lesson 8: Jazz Blues Lines
  • Lesson 9: Jazz Blues Lines
  • Lesson 10: Jazz Blues Lines
  • Lesson 11: JGL Chord Compendium 1 – Major Chord Voicings
  • Lesson 12: JGL Chord Compendium 2 – Minor Chord Voicings
  • Lesson 13: JGL Chord Compendium 3 – Suspended Chord Voicings
  • Lesson 14: Chord Compendium 4, Dominant 7th Chords
  • Lesson 15: Chord Compendium 5, Dominant 7th Chords Altered
  • Lesson 16: Chord Compendium 6, Minor 7th Flat 5 Chords
  • Lesson 17: Chord Compendium 7, Diminished 7th Chords
  • Lesson 18: Chord Compendium 9, Minor Major 7th Chords
  • Lesson 19: Chord Compendium, Major 7th Sharp 5 Chords
    Here is a list of the current Core lessons (new content added regularly)

    • Lesson 1: Major Scale CAGED method
    • Lesson 2: Major Scale Variations – 1 and 3 NPS
    • Lesson 3: Major Scale Variations 2 -One string and 4NPS
    • Lesson 4: Major Mode 2 – Dorian
    • Lesson 5: Major Mode 3 – Phrygian
    • Lesson 6: Major Mode 4 – Lydian
    • Lesson 7: Major Mode 5: Mixolydian
    • Lesson 8: Major Mode 6 – Aeolian
    • Lesson 9: Major Mode 7 – Locrian
    • Lesson 10: Basic Scale Patterns
    • Lesson 11: Triad and 7th chord arpeggio patterns
    • Lesson 12: The interval exercise – Diads
    • Lesson 13: The Triad
    • Lesson 14: Seventh Chords
    • Lesson 15: Improvisation Concepts 1: Static Vamping
    • Lesson 16: The Mode Exercise
    • Lesson 17: Playing the Changes
    • Lesson 18: Bebop Scale
    • Lesson 19: Harmonic Rhythmic Matching
    • Lesson 20: Rhythmic Subdivisions
    • Lesson 21: Major and Minor Arpeggios
    • Lesson 22: Broken Apreggios
    • Lesson 23: Seventh Chord Arpeggios
    • Lesson 24: Swing Time Phrasing
    • Lesson 25: Common Jazz Progression 2-5-1-6 Major
    • Lesson 26: Common jazz progressions 251 Minor
    • Lesson 27: Guide Tones
    • Lesson 28: Pardido Alto
    • Lesson 29: Pentatonic Scales
    • Lesson 30: Improvisation Concepts 2: Thematic Development
    • Lesson 31: Secondary Dominants
    • Lesson 32: Symmetrical Scales Diminished Half Whole
    • Lesson 33: Symmetrical Scales Whole Tone Scale
    • Lesson 34: Walking Baseline
    • Lesson 35: Two Beat Changes
    • Lesson 36: Melodic Minor Scale
    • Lesson 37: Mode 2 Dorian Flat 9
    • Lesson 38: Mode 3 Lydian Augmented Scale
    • Lesson 39: Mode 4 Mixolydian Flat 6 Scale
    • Lesson 40: Mode 5 Mixolydian Flat 6 Scale
    • Lesson 41: Mode 6 Locrian Sharp 9
    • Lesson 42: Mode 7 Altered Scale
    • Lesson 43: Jazz Lines over Standards Series. ‘All of Me’
    • Lesson 44: Jazz Lines over Standards Series: ‘Blue Bossa’

    Just added! My new masterclass range for advanced players.

    • Masterclass Lesson 1: Triad Pairs
    • Masterclass Lesson 2: Seventh Chord Four Note Inversions
    • Masterclass Lesson 3: Chord Voicing’s Bb Turnaround
    • Masterclass Lesson 7: Odd Meter – Night and Day
    • Masterclass Lesson 8: Odd Meter – Along Came Betty
    • Masterclass Lesson 9: Odd Meter – Very Early
    • Masterclass Lesson 10: Ballad Approaches – Naima
    • Masterclass Lesson 11: Odd Meter – In Your Own Sweet Way
    • Masterclass Lesson 12: Odd Meter – Countdown, Mixed Meter
    • Masterclass Lesson 13: Odd Meter – Con Alma, Magreb

    All lessons come with bonus material, tab and notation and video lesson.

    “I was fortunate enough to have Dixon take me on as a beginner guitar player with no previous experience on the instrument. After just four lessons, I was given a solid introduction to basic guitar techniques and felt confident enough to continue on my own in Melbourne. I know that the friendly, relaxed teaching environment and informative discussions really helped me on my way to joining a band and playing with other great musicians within a matter of months.”

    Yi-Wen Lai-Tremewan, Melbourne 2010

    “Dixon is a great teacher, he brings a fresh approach and passion to those old boring scales and technique exercises. Not only does he teach well, have an excellent knowledge of music and application to guitar, he also teaches a fluid and fresh style of playing and improvisation.”

    Paul Archer – Excel SOPA 2005

    Learn A New Jazz Standard Every Month!

    If all of those lessons were not enough to keep you busy, there are monthly jazz standards to learn from Dixon Nacey. THESE ARE COMPREHENSIVE LESSONS. With up to 30mins of video and a complete break down of chords melody and how to improvise over a chosen concept from the Core Lessons.

    These lessons alone make membership worth while!

    • Jazz Standard Lesson 1: Corcovado, Antonio Carlos Jobim
    • Jazz Standard Lesson 2: My Romance, Rodgers/Hart
    • Jazz Standard Lesson 3: Georgia On My Mind
    • Jazz Standard Lesson 4: Have You Met Miss Jones
    • Jazz Standard Lesson 5: A Child is born
    • Jazz Standard Lesson 6: Autumn Leaves
    • Jazz Standard Lesson 7: Stella by Starlight
    • Jazz Standard 8: 12 Bar Jazz-Blues: ‘Ten Down’
    • Jazz Standard 9: Giant Steps



    • 73 (and counting) premium jazz guitar lessons
    • Complete teaching video for all lessons
    • Tab, notation and complete transcription of every lesson
    • Bonus teaching material from Dixon Nacey
    • New Core Lesson content added regularly


    • One new Jazz Standard every month
    • Complete breakdown of chords, melody and improvisation concepts
    • Video tutorials, walk-throughs and bonus material
    • Tab, notation and complete transcription of every lesson
    • Inside commentary from Dixon Nacey


    • Premium membership forum access
    • Bonus podcast material
    • Help from other people within the community
    • Site updates and blog
    • Support for members 24/7

    We offer a 100% gaurantee you can count on

    Use the site on us! If you are not completely happy with your purchase we will refund you in full. Just email support within 30 days of your purchase and we will issue your refund, no questions asked! That’s how confident we are that you will enjoy this product!

    Really, there’s really nothing left to say…

    This training system is unlike anything else available for this price. Nowhere else will you find an experienced instructor who will teach you exactly what to do and how to do it… no matter what skill level you are currently at.

    Don’t You Think You Owe It to Yourself To Finally Start Playing Jazz Guitar like the Jazz Legend you were meant to be?

    Look… the time to act is now!

    If you have read this far it means that you are serious about Mastering Jazz Guitar. All that is left now is for you to take action and join us on this amazing journey.

    The great thing is that this is just the beginning! We are committed to building something completely revolutionary in the Jazz Guitar world and with your input and feedback there is no doubt that this will happen.

    If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity – how else will you learn exactly what to do and how to do it?

    When will you ever get another chance to join a Jazz Guitar membership site like this? If you don’t sign up right now, who do you have right now (today) that can teach you step by step how to play Jazz Guitar for less that $5 per week?

    The videos are just sitting there waiting for you to come online, play them and absorb over 20 years of jazz guitar experience. The information is right there beyond this page waiting for you to learn from awesome tab and notation, high class videos and pages and pages of original Jazz Guitar teaching material.

    Think about it, you could keep stumbling and fumbling around trying to learn from incomplete free online lessons, only to find yourself frustrated with the lack of quality of the bits and pieces of material scattered around the internet.


    You could take action now for absolutely no risk and start becoming the Jazz Guitar player you were meant to be!

    PS – We remove any of the risk by offering you a
    $1. – 10 day trial along with our 30 day money back guarantee!

    Join Jazzguitarlegend.com

    For your own good, and before we decide to raise the price, get this now! It will change your playing forever and help you to be the Jazz Guitarist you were meant to be!

    Don’t wait another minute!


    Dixon Nacey

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