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As a teacher at university level, Dixon has developed his craft through 1000’s of hours of teaching and playing. His passion for guitar is evident in his informative and often entertaining approach.

A top guitarist in his category, he is often sort after as a session musician and local performer having played on the bill of many international acts and television programs.

Despite all of his achievements, Dixon is a down to earth and personable teacher who is passionate about the people that he teaches.

Nathan Collings, University Graduate. C.P.I.T Jazz School.

Andy Knopp, Student. C.P.I.T Jazz School.

“It is obvious that Dixon Nacey’s playing is world class, he has the ability to translate complex ideas into easy to understand concepts and exercises that are truly impressive..."

Brice Waters , Premium Member.

“Best syllabus and overall approach I’ve had in a teacher.  So far no one else has been able to dissect and analyse each aspect of playing like Dixon can.”

"Dixon is the best tutor I've ever had in 8 years of guitar tuition, he not only knows what to teach but can show you how and where to use it. After two years of lessons with Dixon my playing improved and he gave me a great sense of how far I can take guitar."

What do our students have to say...

Our online course has more the 120 online video lessons broken down into a series of topics that cover everything from chord theory to advanced improvisation techniques.

        Core Lessons Series:

  • Discover the building blocks of Jazz Guitar with over 50 unique lessons.

        Jazz Standards Series:

  • Popular jazz standards explained with a focus on chords, melody and improvisation.

        Technique Builders Lessons Series:

  • Technical exercises to improve your finger technique and dexterity.

        Master Class Lesson Series:

  • Lessons experimenting in odd meters and  advanced jazz concepts.

       Chord Comping:

  • Chord comping explained in the context of popular jazz songs.

        Bebop Melody Lessons:

  • In-depth analysis of bebop melodies in the context of popular bebop tunes.

        Jazz Blues Lines:

  • Learn fundamental jazz blues lines to help with your improvisation.

        Jazz Chord Compendium:

  • A complete outline of all chord shapes required to play jazz guitar.

        Jazz Lines and Chord Comps:

  • Learn how to play simple melodic ideas over chord change.

Over 120 Comprehensive Video Lessons

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Tab and Notation

Complete transcriptions, tab and  supporting lesson materials.

Play Along Tracks

Supporting Materials to Help you Learn and Grown Online

Lesson audio backing and jam along tracks.

Contact the team for ongoing advice support and guidance.

Full Video Lessons

Lessons designed and recorded for our membership community.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Dixon on a great many projects over the last 15 years and each recording and performance has afforded me an opportunity to learn something new from him. Not just what voicing I should be using leading up to the bridge but how to be a team player, how to listen and react to what the singer is actually saying, and when to let go and lose yourself in the music. Composing, arranging and performing come second nature to Dixon along with an inherent ability to educate those around him in a very humble and selfless manner. It’s not exactly like I’m getting a lesson every time we hang out but I always seem to come away from a Dixon session a little more knowledgeable and a whole lot more confident in my own abilities.”

"I am a very lucky guitarist/professor because I get to travel all over the world and perform with some of the finest musicians on the planet. In this context, I am able to meet and distinguish between a wide variety of musicians who hold what I would call a range of "depths" of musicianship. 

One of the most important qualities in this area is the quality of communication, improvisation and soulful interpretation. Dixon, is an unbelievably soulful communicator who truly plays with people. He is in touch and responsive to every nuance in the air, and is able to make it all feel marvelous, groove deeply and touch his listeners. He is also an insanely nice person, who listens intently, and is a joy to work with in a master class environment - clearly having as much, or more fun as the students and colleagues in the room. His vocabulary, enthusiasm, technique, taste, touch, time, tone and 'tude on the guitar is on the highest level. "

Professor Richard Smith , USC Thornton School of Music

Los Angeles, California

Godfrey De Grut, Musical Director APRA Silver Scroll Awards

Auckland, New Zealand

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