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My name is Dixon Nacey and I am 37 year old musician, teacher and happy father of two amazing young boys. For over 23 years I have been playing guitar, teaching music and performing in bands. I remember the first day I picked up the guitar; the resonance; the sound; the way it lent itself to creativity. It was love at first site, something I’m sure many reading this can relate to!

I have always been a passionate enthusiast of music, even before the guitar. As a kid I loved to sing (badly) and make up melodies out of little things I’d hear in my head, usually tagged on to lines from songs I’d heard on the radio or on Dad’s LP player. This passion for being creative within music has buoyed me and strengthened my resolve through thousands of hours of practice, study, gigs, teaching and hard work. And, it still drives me today – because despite everything I’ve learned, I am still a student, still learning and growing and discovering more about guitar and about music (and myself!) every day.

When it comes to learning, I made a great discovery through my teaching experiences many years ago – it was a simple thing really – no two people learn something in the exact same way. We all have different bodies and brains, different ideas, environments, temperaments and upbringings. So, while I have spent a lot of my time putting together masses of resources and designing curriculums to aid in the teaching of these materials; one day I realized that the most important part of my job is not merely providing resources for students; it is finding a way to INSPIRE them to develop their own passion for practicing and studying music.

This idea of inspiring others lead me to team up with another passionate musician and long time friend, Brendan Hall. We had a dream to develop this website; a place of learning devoted to delivering a wealth of materials for the study of jazz music, in as inspiring a way as possible. Our ultimate goal here at JGL is simple: to help as many people as we can discover the same freedom and joy that I have in studying and playing jazz. Nowhere else in the musical world have I found that one’s ideas can be so purely and freely expressed in a creative manner and shared so honestly with other like minded people.

So what can you expect from this site?

On this site you will find all the gems that I have picked up along the way as a university teacher and musician. Yes; you will find lists of lessons, tips, exercises, video tutorials, Tab and Notation in PDF, blogs and much more. These are all learning tools common to jazz; BUT I wanted to go a step further. After hours of researching I found 100′s of boring websites out there with pages of information or static blogs; I watched hundreds of videos on the net from amateurs to pro’s hawking their ideas on jazz; I could go on!

Instead, what we have here at JGL is a fully interactive, live membership community with new content delivered on a regular basis, available to every subscriber.

What is my approach to teaching in this online community?

There are two things I believe to be of the utmost importance; transparency and honesty. It seems that these two values are extremely rare, especially on the internet where people communicate from behind faceless computers and scam artists are waiting around every digital corner; but it is something that I really value. I’ve even noticed that I personally will gravitate towards websites driven by people with these same good intentions; everyday people I can relate to, folks that are the real deal. How many times have you been on a site and had no idea who was behind it let alone whether you would get value from any money you invest?

Well, my approach is simple. Brendan and I will always be as open, honest and transparent as we can with any material on the site, any questions you have and any issues or problems you encounter. In addition, if there is something that you want to learn I will do my very best to teach you. I am here to serve the community and help in any way possible. I will ALWAYS do my best to answer comments, questions, any ideas for videos or standards or general lessons that you have.

Where to from here?

If you have signed up to my emailing list you will no doubt have some material to get you started and we are putting out free content regularly. These free lessons will give you an idea of my teaching style and the kind of material I have in development. If you haven’t done so yet you can do that below (I don’t believe in spam!, no credit card required).

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The biggest benefits of premium membership are the ‘Jazz Standard’ lesson that will be delivered every month, access to all lessons from our fundamental, core and master-class sections and our guarantee that we will do everything we can to keep you happy and address your needs. The ‘Jazz Standard’ lessons are well worth the investment alone and are extremely robust; with TAB, notation, written text on each subject covered in addition to each comprehensive teaching video. We spend around 60 man hours a month planning, filming and recording these and they are proving to be very popular in the community.

We also have some popular blog posts to get you started. I am actively commenting and answering questions in the community so you can ask any and all questions there and I will get back to you with my response. There is a special blog post set up here if you are interested.


Please enjoy the site – I am not a super star jazz guitarist (far from it!), I am just a regular Joe who is grateful to have the opportunity to teach others. I believe it is through helping people that we discover who we are and do that little amount we can towards making life better for others.

I hope you join us on the journey.

Dixon Nacey

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“Dixon is the best tutor I’ve ever had in 8 years of guitar tuition, he not only knows what to teach but can show you how and where to use it.

Thomas Pearson

‘His x-factor lies in the enthusiasm and reverence with which he approaches music. This is what has him widely regarded as both one of the best players in New Zealand, and also as an exceptional teacher.”

Abraham Kunin

“Dixon Nacey is a both heavyweight player and an inspiring teacher, my studies with him have been an absolute joy and have provided me with a wealth of ideas and material which I continue to draw upon. First class…”

Nick Marsh

“There wasn’t a week that I did not look forward to my guitar lessons with Dixon at Auckland uni. Great inspiration. Instant improvement is guaranteed.”

David Grech

“Best syllabus and overall approach I’ve had in a teacher. So far no one else has been able to dissect and analyze each aspect of playing like Dixon can.”

Nathan Collings